Saturday, October 1, 2011

"31 Days of Thankfulness"

God's been speaking a lot to me over the last couple of months about cultivating a heart of 

That if I could truly learn to give thanks in all things...
that my mind would see the renewal that my heart's been longing for,
that I would see breakthrough in abiding with Jesus all day long,
and that JOY would be a permanent fixture in my soul.

Who couldn't use more of that, right?!

I saw this blog post recently about a charge for women to post for the 31 days of October.
About anything...housekeeping, gardening, crafting, cooking, whatever.

I wanted to take up the challenge and post on thankfulness...
maybe it will be the start of breakthrough in my own life and maybe it will inspire thankfulness in you??
Or maybe there's 31 days of another topic that you've been dying to write about? Go for it!

So, today is the first day of October...hope you're along for the goes nothin'!

I thought I would kick off this journey with a short explanation about how God first started speaking to me about thankfulness.

This book. Have you read it yet? If not, it needs to be on your list of books to read, for real.
This book is amazing and will stir your heart.
Ann Voskamp's writing is poetic and fluid and beautiful...her words make me want to look at things more closely. To recognize the small things as blessings and an opportunity to learn.

READ IT. Better yet, for you mama's out there...check out the audio version from your local library and listen to her read the book to you. It's like healing balm, her words. Listen to it in the car while you wait to pick the kids up, or while you clean the house, or while you nurse your little one. I promise it will be worth the investment of your time!

So, that's where God started deepening a desire for a thankful heart.
To start to see God in everything!
To "live fully right where I am."

I think that these next 31 days, God is going to break through, break out!
It's going to be fun and I'm so excited!

Want to join me???

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