Saturday, October 8, 2011

Donuts, Apples, and Pickin' Pumpkins...

Today was a great day!
The morning started with some girl's d-time for me and
farmer's market donuts for the boys with Chris and the grandparents...
they loved it and my heart was so refreshed.

After that, we went to Kuiper's Farm with Chris' parents and had a blast!
If you live anywhere near Kuiper's....go visit! It's so worth the drive!
There's tons to do and it's good, clean, all American fun! HA!

Such a beautiful place...makes me want a!

Right when you walk up there's an old Ford tractor that kids can ride on! Gavin loved all the old tractors and the amazing horse shaped tire swings.

Such a cool old truck to climb on and play with!

We started at the apple picking orchard. You can pick and eat tons of varieties of apples as you fill your own bag to take home with you! My favorite? The Empire good!

Sweet Sawyer on the tractor ride at the orchard. He did so great even with only a 30 minute nap in the car on the way there! Such a trooper...for the most part! HA!

Gavin ready to pick some apples and thinking, "Mom, are you going to take pictures ALL day long?"

Micah really wanted a golden delicious apple, but we had a hard time finding any good ones...I think they mostly loved hiding amongst the trees!

Papa and Sawyer wandering through the orchard!

Chris chowing down on a good one! I love this face!

Gee and Micah finishing up their picking!

Sawyer ate so many, so many!

Sawyer playing on a wooden train with Dada!

They had these amazing huge sand boxes that were actually filled with corn! Sawyer loved it!

After the apple picking, we walked through the shops/bakery, ate lunch, and then headed to the Pumpkin patch part of the farm. They had some really amazing things there!
Petting zoo, hay bale climbing barn area, a huge jumping pillow, tractor races, a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and so much more! This was a really fun part for the kids!! They loved it!

And they were so worn out by the end of the day...
love my happily sleeping boys after a really fun active day outside.
What more could I want?
So very thankful!

Hope you're having a great weekend and that you're making memories that are sweet!
Thank God today for all the blessings He has given you!

I know I am!

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  1. This was such a fun day! I am so glad we went and even more glad that you guys were there to share it all!!

    Love, Vickie / Gee