Saturday, October 15, 2011

Candy Corn Bunting...

Recently, I came across this post from Cake & Cotton!
I fell in love with this paper candy corn bunting project...

So cute!!!

I thought I'd give it a try with felt so that I could reuse it year to year...
 and it was maybe a $6 project!
The key is to buy the cheap felt by the yard at Joann's and use a coupon!

I didn't to a full tutorial for this...oops.
But basically I followed the tutorial for the paper version with a little variation.
I cut three yellow circles at 12 inches in diameter,
three orange circles at 8 inches in diameter,
and three white circles at 4 inches in diameter.

Then, I layered the circles from biggest to smallest like a bullseye.
I pinned the center and then machine stitched around the orange and white circles
to bind them all together.

Then I got out my rotary cutter and ruler to cut each circle into
8 equal pieces (like a pizza! HA!)

Then I stitched around the entire candy corn to finish it off...
poke holes in the corners and string with ribbon,
twin, yarn, whatever!!


Gavin talks about how much he wants to eat it! HA!
Candy corn is his favorite!! : )

I wanted to show you this amazing shelf I got for a ridiculously good deal at
Hobby Lobby, too!! I love it!

It was 50% off and then it was missing a couple of screws (that I knew Chris could replace)
and so they gave it to me for 66% off....what?! So awesome!
Thankful for some shop sales money!

I'm excited to change it out seasonally and also to have a place to hang stockings
(see the little hooks on the bar?).
We don't have a mantle so this is great!!!

I want to start a little "O" collection!

Gotta love little 50% off finds at HL!! Love the little bird!!

I'm still deciding what would look cute in the drawers!!!

So, that's about it! Hope you liked the project!

Have a great weekend!
We're going to enjoy the nice weather and go for a bike ride!



  1. Cute bunting, I love your version in felt. Who doesn't like candy corn anyway?

  2. where did you get your "Be Still and know that I am God" sign? i love it! me at

  3. I love this bunting! I love that shelf! I am loving your blog!


  4. Love the bunting. I am sooo into candy corn this Fall.

  5. Way to go, girl! I love how you decorate your house. You are an awesome homemaker!

  6. AH! I'm TOTALLY making a felt one next year!! Thanks for linking up to Cake & Cotton! (I'm signed in under my other blog at the moment). I love felt projects. Also loving your shelf! It would be cute with things of yarn stacked in the drawers. Or stacks of books. Love the sign, and your chairs and the wall color....ok i'll stop :)

  7. That was a great idea to use felt for it. It will be a welcome addition to your Halloween decorating each year. It really came out cute! I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from

  8. Thanks everyone!! Thanks, Leslie for the amazing idea!! And I love the yarn idea...I'm going to hunt for cute vintage spools and maybe put colored yarn on them to add some color! Great idea!