Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So thankful for other bloggers...

I'm a blog follower...I do the whole Google Reader thing so I can organize the bazillion blogs I follow.

I know...

But, I LOVE reading other people's stories! I LOVE it when you come across a post that educates you and changes your perspective. Isn't that amazing! The way women from the far corners of the world can communicate with each other about motherhood, being a wife, world issues, what God is teaching them, etc? Kind of amazing. What a powerful tool this blogging thing can be...


I thought that today I would show thankfulness to some really wonderful bloggers out there that I've come across and link up some recent posts they have done that have really touched me. How's that??


Kristen, from Rage Against the Minivan, is one of my favorite reads. I love her wit and honesty. She is also an adoptive mom with a heart for justice which is right up my alley. She wrote this post today actually about the injustice of the chocolate industry. And with Halloween soon approaching, it has made me want to take a stand and be creative in what I choose to give out this year! Great read!

I've been reading I Am Momma Hear Me Roar for a while. Cheri always has great tutorials and crafty ideas, plus as a fellow Boymom, I feel like I can really relate to her! HA! She has a really great post on Wednesdays called "Wake Up Wednesdays." She issues a challenge for the week...they are really great!!

I had the honor of meeting the author of Inspired to Action at a mom's group at our former church in Waco. She's amazing and I love her posts! She started Hello Mornings, which is an amazing accountability and devotional tool for moms! I'm determined to sign up for one has just been a bit crazy! HA! She recently did a post with an excerpt of her talk in that same mom's group...I was in tears and it's just a small snippet! Listen to it and follow her blog! Seriously!

I'm sure you've come across this blog, right? Ann Voskamp's A Holy Experience is like reading something deeply meditative each day. To be honest, sometimes I just want lots of pictures and a fun craft from my blogs, but there are days when you have a few quiet moments to really read a post and if I have the time, I always head to Ann's blog. It's beautiful! And this post from September about hope really struck me and I've been thinking about it ever since! That's when you know it's a great blog! HA!

I posted a few days ago about Shauna at The Reed Life. She was kind enough to buy a necklace from my shop and sport it in a photo on her blog. YAY! I really love her blog, she's honest and fun and has a ton of really creative ideas. Her amazing iphone photos have actually got me dying for a new phone, so I can get some great apps to make my iphone photos of my kids AMAZING like hers! HA! Shauna did a post the other day about blogging with a purpose and her desire to be real. I loved it!

Danielle at Take Heart is one of my daily reads. She's great and honestly one of the bloggers that got me excited about blogging myself. She's proof that if you are an honest writer who opens yourself up to your readers and works hard, you can really grow your business, blogging, and influence in a fairly short period of time. I'm so inspired by what she has accomplished! She did a great post the other day about sharing her faith in her writing! So good!

Liz from Lark & Bloom now lives in Waco and has been a part of Antioch for a long time. We've sort of known of each other, but never actually knew each other. But, I've loved reading her blog! Seriously some of the best posts I've read in a long time. She's got a gift and I'm blessed by it. This post she did is one of my favorites!

Ok...I could go on forever, but hopefully that supplied you some good reading for the next couple of hours! HA! I'm so thankful for the voices and perspectives of women like these!!

What blogs do you love??? Have there been some recent posts that have really inspired you?

I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Aw...thanks for the shout out Christie! I miss seeing your beautiful face!

  2. Me too! I love reading your posts! Hope i can listen to your whole teaching from Nest! So good!