Friday, September 30, 2011

Our life via Instagram...

Yet another week showing our lives via Instagram...
One thing I love about jumping into this little link thing is that it keeps me accountable to actually
take a few pics of our week!
I love that by Friday I always have a few pictures to post about!
You should give it a try! It's a great way to count your blessings! : )

It was baptism Sunday this past week! I love baptisms!! I cry every time...every time! 
It was cold, time I think we need to warm the water first! HA!

Gavin was having a silly moment with Teddy and him!

I mean, look at that face!!

I was feeling a bit puny this week...thank goodness for Emergen-C! It's amazing...
and tastes pretty good too!!

I LOVE our porch...the days are getting cooler, but it's still a great space to just sit...
or sometimes escape the craziness that's going on inside the house...ha!

Things are a bit tight here at the Otts' home...friend of ours brought groceries by
and THIS was in one of the bags. Lord, thank You!! It's my love language...iced coffee!

Yarn, yarn, and more yarn! I've been making some more fall yarn wreaths!
If you want me to make you one...go to my shop and check it out!!!
I'd love to make you one!

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend!
I'm spending Sunday afternoon with a friend at the Kane County Flea Market and then
a little inspiration trip to Anthro!!
I'll post pics of the amazing find we dig up!

Linking up...

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