Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Life via Instagram...

This week had flown by, right?!
I can't believe it's already Friday!! WOW!

We had a great week...
the weather has been amazing and we've been outside a lot.
(well, except for that day it rained ALL. DAY. LONG)

yeah, that wasn't fun...HA!

But, here's our week in pics...

Apple, apples, and more apples this week from the orchard...
I've made two apple crisps!! That reminds me that I need to 
go for a run today! HA!

Look at how big Micah looks! Wha????
When did he get so big?

Sawyer likes to take his drink with him when he plays on the 
playground. Then he gets mad when it's challenging to 
climb the stairs with it...oh well! HA!

I l-o-v-e Northside park and my boys are obsessed with the zip line!
Chris was so sweet...he took Gavin the next morning after dropping Micah
off at school so that he could do it over and over again 
without a line! Awesome!

The best part is they have to carry the seat back to the top of the 
hill which equals getting a lot of my boys' energy run
out before dinner! Thank you, Jesus! HA!

Beautiful sunset at the park...and geese...we don't have those 
in Texas very often...they are everywhere here!

Lovely fall view!

We found Triangle Park the other day...there are a bazillion parks here!
This one had cool spider web things! Fun!

Oh, and a weird tongue slide thing...creepy??

My big Bear...

Such a fun way to practice balance and he looks so 
intense too! Preparing for his skating one day!

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm hoping to post a little 
bunting project I did for the fall tomorrow, so keep a look out!

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