Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You are loved. You are lovely.

I've shared a lot recently about "risking it" in faith when God calls you to something.

I believe now more then ever that in order to unlock the hidden dreams of God's heart, we MUST step out in faith. We have to say "yes" to Him
BEFORE the path has been laid out before us,
BEFORE the answers have been given,
BEFORE all the "numbers" add up.

There is an act of surrender that comes when we let go of our fears and choose to believe in be Bigness of the God we serve. We stand against the lies of the enemy that come in all sorts of forms and we cling to the promises of God. We remember His goodness, His faithfulness, His love for us. And we move forward secure in that.

We don't have to fear what's around the corner when we KNOW who we are. When we walk in the authority we have been given as sons and daughters of the King. We are loved. We are lovely.


I LOVE this printable from Heather on her former blog Blessed Little Nest. Print it out, put it on your wall. Remember that you are loved today by the King of the Universe. There is nothing to fear in the presence of such a Love. Step out. Risk it all when He asks you to. Ask Him for the BIG dreams of His heart and then run after them.

Have a great Tuesday!