Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things I love right now...

I find that reading people's blogs is a great way
to hear about amazing books to read,
or a new album that's great!!

So, I thought I'd share with you a few things I've 
been loving lately...k??
And if you have any favorite things I'd love to hear about them!

I just read:

Find it here
I just finished this book last week and I was sad when it was over!
Katie is an amazing young woman and her pure devotion to the calling 
of God to care for the broken and hurting is so challenging!
I highly recommend this book...
and be prepared to finish it and want to move to the inner city
or a war town nation to serve "the least of these."
I wanted to pack my bags and sell everything and GO!!

I'm listening to:

More here
I'm kind of picky when it comes to husband can attest to this.
I want music that has soul and doesn't sound like the "typical" worship album.
Something that mainstream music would give it up to...make sense?! HA!
Anyways, this album is ah-mazing! I listened to it for like 
a week straight! Buy it!

I also just got these which are amazing too...

info it!

So thankful for Pandora who led me to this album!!

I'm watching:
watch it!
We don't have cable tv, so when I first heard about this show,
I was so thankful that I could watch online!
I'm hooked! Although, I am a sucker for period British anything!
Watch it! You'll be hooked to...I promise!

I'm addicted to:

one of my recent faves!!
I've used Instagram for a while, but did you know that you can
"follow" people and comment or like their photos?
It's sort of like Facebook but only in photos.
Follow me on Instagram @christieotts!

I'm eating:

We've been working out (since we were gifted a gym membership, yay!)
and I'm determined to lose the last 15 pounds and become
a "buff mama."
So, along with working out comes eating better!
I'm a sucker for sweets, but these new yogurts are sooooo yummy!

140 calories. DONE.
(although I do add dark chocolate chips sometimes...)
And the blood orange is so good!

Ok, so that's some things I've been loving lately!!
How about you????

Have a great day!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Sweet Bear...

Sawyer Bear Otts
(That's right, his middle name is Bear!)

This boy is such a JOY to our family...he is awesome!
He is active, fun, funny, curious, smart, cuddly, sensitive...
I could go on forever!

Today is his BIRTHDAY! YAY!
Our baby is turning 2 today...
and I'm a little confused as to where the time went.

Just yesterday he was doing this...

Making his little "old man" face!

And he was making this little smirk face...

And crawling so fast I couldn't keep up for a picture! HA!

And learning how to walk!

Stealing everyone's hearts everywhere we go...
especially with this puppy hat he wore!! HA!

Of course, it's hard to forget that this time last year...
we were in the hospital praying that our joyful baby would return to us!
He had a seizure a week before his birthday last year while we were 
driving in the car. We rushed him to the hospital where he spent
the next three days hooked up to machines and having tons of 
tests run. It is the most frightened I've ever been as a parent!
I still wrestle with fear over him...
But, God comforted us and has healed our hearts a lot since then.
He was so unlike himself and so sad in the hospital...

I worried that he was somehow altered and wouldn't be the
same joyful boy...but then I got this picture from Chris
while I was at home with our other two boys to get some sleep.

He was back!! Swollen, but back! HA!

I cried for the hundredth time and thanked God!

I could post pictures of him all day..

Sawyer Bear,
We love you more then words can say!
You bring so much joy and laughter to our family.
You are a strong, giggly, adventurer and 
today we celebrate YOU
and the amazing GIFT YOU ARE
to us!

Thank You, Jesus, for our Sweet Bear!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All My Love...

I'm richly blessed. And not because today I received roses and candy and breakfast in bed, but because I get to walk with the man of my dreams every. single. day. I'm a part of a "kingdom dream team." I'm "about my Father's business" alongside the best partner anyone could ask for. It's an honor and I'm humbled every day that I'm worthy of being yoked to such a man as this. We are trying to run hard each day after Jesus and the things He has called us to. I've seen this man, my husband, come alive more this past year then any other time. Through the hard times, the struggles, the victories and humbling provisions...he has come alive.

I celebrate love today. Love from a man that leads me to greater depths of the love of my Father. A man who knows that the only way my heart will ever be truly satisfied is at the feet of my Jesus. Love that "bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things"(1 Cor. 13:7).

So, today, as I thank God for the love of this man and for the greatest love ever known through Jesus...I'm heavy hearted for those who know neither of these. For the girl who has never received a kind word from her father or known the gentle touch of a husband, or heard soft words of encouragement from any man in her life. I hurt for those who don't know the love of an eternally kind Father. The overwhelming flood of the tangible presence of a holy God. I want all to know the love I know...the love of the Father and the love of the Body of Christ.

Jesus, teach us to love others as you love them. Let us give fully of ourselves with every person who comes into our lives. To love our husbands, children, friends, family, and our neighbor selflessly and fully. Bring new revelation of Your love for us, so that our love for others would flow clean and pure. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Our week via Instagram...

I apologize for being a lame blogger these past few weeks!
HA! I'm noticing that I'm doing Instagram Friday and that's about it!

Well, there's been a lot going on at the Otts' home and I can't wait 
to share more, but in the mean time...

Enjoy some pics of our life!

Oh, and are you on Instagram???
Have you heard of the February Photo-a-day challenge?
You should give it a try! It's so fun!

Here we go...

The hubs and I will sit in bed and play on Pinterest together...
is this weird? Please don't tell me we're the only ones?! HA!

Fussy Bear needed some private bath time this past week...

Did I mention that I won the best Giveaway ever on my birthday??
No? Well, I did!!! So awesome!

Gavin and I made my birthday cookies together!

I tried a Pinterest was okay...
sometimes it's hit or miss, right?!

A little bakery time with the was like heaven...Mmmm!
Tiramisu...I LOVE YOU!

I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday...
thus, all these amazing books!
Come to mama! YES!

Hope you had a great week! We have a great weekend ahead
and we are getting some snow at last, which means one thing...

Happy Friday!