Friday, January 27, 2012

Long time no see...Insta-friday!

So, I haven't done an Insta-friday in a while...
the good thing is that I have tons
of Instagram pictures since I have taken up the
Photo-a-day challenge put on by Nest of Posies.

It's been a great way to really chronicle our month in creative ways!

Hoping to jump into the February challenge as well!
Wanna join me? Find out more here.
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So, here we go...

Snow...and lots of it last Friday! It's slowly melting away
which I'm happy about! : )

Last was cold...real cold! 

I came up to bed one night and found this little one in my bed!
He was OUT! I had to schlep him to cute though!

We had a little party for Chris' birthday and a friend of ours at the
beginning of the month! These are the loveliest ladies ever!
So thankful for them!

I posted here on making this little Instagram wall!
I'm loving it! It's awesome!

My newly decorated shelf....I'm starting an "O" collection.

Hubs gave me a little reading/podcast time...
I'm loving my "7" book by Jen Hatmaker! There will
be more to come on that I'm sure! And of course I got caught 
up on Bethel podcasts!

We love the library! Especially now that my boys have found the 
educational computer games. They play while I read...
it's perfection!

The boys got hair cuts recently...they soooooo needed them!

Hard to tell, but Gavin totally has a "rat tail mullet" thing
in the back...totally Chris' idea!

My sweet and short-haired Sawyer Bear!

My friend gave me The Owl for my birthday! So fun!
I love statues painted hot pink...makes me happy!

My dining room table most days of the week...
it's amazing how my boys can take over a room
so quickly!

Got out some of my Valentine's decor!
I love an excuse to use pink in a house full of boys!
I'm hoping to do a little paper heart banner this week too!

So, that's about it!
Thanks for stopping by!


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinned and actually tried...

So many pins...


Things I'll probably never make,
places I'll probably never go,
recipes I'll probably never try.

I have actually tried a few of those recipes!

I was talking to a friend about how it would be nice if people
could rate the recipes and let you know how they actually taste.

So, I thought I'd do that here and let you know how they turned out!

If you've tried some good ones, let me know!!

( on the "pin" button below the pic and it will
take you to my pin on Pinterest and the recipe link!)

I made this the other night for lifegroup...yummy! 
And it's a crock pot recipe,
who doesn't love that?

This was awesome and my boys loved it!! Woo hoo!!

Made this tonight and it was deeee-lish!! 
I did it on the stove top like mentioned in the blog.

This is an amazing marinara recipe! And it has veggies in it...
my kids never even knew. MWAH hahahaha!!!
(Shelbs, this is the one from that night you guys came over!)

Creme fraiche and sriracha...'nuf said!

Pretty tasty...needed a bit more flavor punch...
maybe fresh herbs??
And the cream adds no flavor...just empty calories.

BEST pumpkin bread...EVER!
Try it. Trust me.

As my son would say, "Holy Guacamole!"
Butter, sugar, biscuits, cinnamon. DONE.

So easy and so good! I've made this a ton!

A bit labor intensive, but so worth it! Perfect in the summer!

Perfection with chili on a cold night! OMG...I wants some NOW!

So good and great for a crowd!
I want this tomorrow...someone want to bring me some?!

Okay, so that's a lot of things I've tried and I'm pretty sure
there's more in there somewhere.

God bless Pinterest.
Saving me from fretting over meal ideas for months now!

Follow me on Pinterest!!
Have fun making and baking!

Valentine's love for your little one...


Give your little lady some loveliness
with one of my
heart headbands!!

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Loved this video shared over here by a friend!
Thanks for sharing, Sasha!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Instagram Wall Project!

I've been wanting to do this project ever since I saw this...

Isn't it great??
So pretty and fun and I love the idea of changing out the photos regularly!

So, I got some card stock paper and printed out my instagram photos.
The easiest way to do this is to upload them onto your computer from your phone,
and print multiple photos per page. I could fit 6 of them.

It was a huge help to cut them out using my rotary cutter and mat with a ruler,
but you can definitely use scissors.

You can also of course have them printed out using Postal Pix which is 
an app that mails you prints of your instagram photos.
You could also use photo paper in your printer as well.

I was going for the cheapest option!! HA!
And I love the way it turned out...

I used painters tape to mask off the straight lines between each photo
so that they would be equally spaced.
I also taped them with the painters tape in each corner!

Instant and Free wall art! My favorite kind!!

One project down...a hundred to go...

Monday, January 2, 2012

Come check me out!

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's!
We're still in vacation mode for one more day since school
doesn't start until tomorrow and we're enjoying
a little bit of snow! YAY!

I'm so excited to be guest posting today over at 

Have you found your way to this blog yet?!
It's full of lots of fun kid crafts and ideas...mainly geared to boys,
but fun for everyone!

I've posted a cape tutorial...come check me out!

My little super heros...

Happy Monday!

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