Monday, October 24, 2011

Instagram Polaroid Banner!

So, I had planned on posting this on Saturday...
I guess the fact that I didn't means we had a really great weekend!

And we did!!
So thankful for community and our church!

And, so here's the little project I wanted to post on!! YAY!

I love having photos of my kiddos around the house, but I like the idea
of photos displays that sort of evolve over time...
where pictures can be switched out often.

I'm dying to do a big picture wall over by the stairs!!!
Maybe mix in some cute art pieces as well?

But, for this project, I got this amazing idea from
Mrs. Shauna at The Reed Life.
She had this great inspirational post!

It's basically Instagram photos that have been printed out on photo paper...
and then taped to card stock to create a polaroid image!
(Isn't that cute?)

The space at the bottom lets you write little messages just like on a polaroid pic!
I LOVE the idea Shauna did with the words from
The Storybook Jesus Bible...
I will definitely be doing that one for by my boys' beds!

So, next I punched some cute hearts in fall colors...

And then the crazy part...
I sewed it all together with my sewing machine.

I know, I was a little nervous never having done it before, but it
worked beautifully
and now I'm wanting to think of more projects
where I can sew paper!!

Maybe cute Christmas cards or gift tags???

Here's another pic

Love this one of the Bear!

So, it's an easy one, but I'm loving it!
I'm thinking I'll take some winter pictures of the boys and do
a Christmas themed one!!

Hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. wow! wow! wow!
    i love it!
    love the rainbow hearts.
    i wanta make another one!

  2. Such a great idea! So glad I found it on your blog! I'm thinking I'll trade this one out at Christmas for one with paper stars and pics of the kids in the snow!!! Love them!!!