Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thankful for you: Hubby of mine

So, I was thinking about this 31 day challenge of thankfulness and about how it's such an amazing opportunity for me to give thanks to specific people in my life! What a blessing to get to honor people I love and publicly tell them how thankful I am for them! So, throughout the rest of this 31 day challenge of thankfulness...I'll be sporadically including posts giving gratitude for people in my life! I can't wait!

And first up...is my amazing hubby. It's only fitting that he be first because he is my best friend and the person I'm most thankful for on this earth.

I'm kind of in love with this picture of Chris from the apple orchard the other day. Ha! So cute!

I am incredibly thankful for this man. It's almost impossible to put into words how amazing he is, but I will try to do my best! Chris has always been an amazing leader of our family, but this past year...he has become more then that, he's become my rock. He's been the solid place of hope and faith in the midst of trial and hardship and questioning. He has led me to Jesus and to His word time and time again when my heart had grown weary and dry. He led me to my source of Life and he did it graciously and with no judgement. He loved me like Jesus. He was patient with me when I complained and prayed for me when I cried so many times on the phone with him. He stood with me in the kitchen and listened as I shared my dreams and disappointments with him. I could not have gotten through this past year and a half without him.

He is a man of deep faith. A man who does not see the unknown as something to fear, but rather as a place for God to show up. He's taught me how to seek God and risk with Him when he calls us to. He's shown me so much about humility and strength and Godly confidence. He has said yes to the Lord even when it seemed crazy or even when he knew it would be hard. He's a teachable and hungry man of God.

I'm honored to call this man my husband. I'm honored to be yoked to someone who looks so much like Jesus. I'm excited to see him grow and some day be released into the dreams of his heart and I'm so glad I get to be along for the journey. He's the best partner and I wouldn't want to take on an adventure with anyone but him.

This story is ours. And it gets better every. single. day.

Love you, babe! And I'm so so very thankful for you!

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  1. What a joyful post to read!! Christie, you indeed are highly blessed, but so is Chris for a wife who brings out and often highlights the best in him. I love you both and am praying with you for the realization of dreams in this season of adventuring with God. By the way, my life changed course in part due to the fact that you and Chris followed hard after God. I saw and I wanted -- thus, I came to Waco -- and what a glorious future that opened!! Thanks.