Friday, October 7, 2011

A missed day and Instagram...

So, I totally missed a day of blogging about thankfulness...oops! HA!
But, I have a good excuse...
Chris' parents are in town until Monday, so we've been enjoying some time with them!!

So there...Ha!

But, I am thankful for memories captured in the moment this week...
Have you given it a try? 
You should!! Sweet stuff!

So, here's out week via Instagram

Sawyer giving me "the face" at the park...I love that face!

My amazing pirate man! He wanted to wear this paper mustache and beard all day long!
I love that he picks a character and really commits, you know?! HA!

Teeter totters are so much more fun when you're both on the same side, right?

All Sawyer wanted to do was run up and down the little hill at the little adventurer!

I know he's trying to look fierce, but he's just too sweet to pull it off...
but "shhhhh", don't tell him I told you that!

Autumn has fully arrived, ya'll! Look at the beautiful fall kissed leaves!

And this tree across the street!!

My boys have been enjoying watching the Pink Panther shows on Netflix...
ALL my boys! : )

Sawyer sat on the water fountain and stuck his face in it for about 10 minutes...
it's all about the little joys!

Today we visited the Billy Graham museum and Wheaton College...I highly recommend it!
So amazing and I loved seeing Sawyer staring so intently at Billy Graham preaching!

It was powerful to see my little world changer standing on Billy Graham's personal pulpit where he preached to thousands all over the world. They shipped this pulpit and stage set up all over the globe!
And my little one could one day have a legacy like was a powerful moment!

And of course...boys being boys at the park today...dirty, sandy, and perfectly happy!

Hope you have a great weekend! 
I'm hoping to keep up my blogging challenge through the holiday weekend, but when family 
comes in town....I'll try...ha!

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