Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Happy Fall, Ya'll!" Hoop Art

So, I've been trying to do some fall decorating on a MAJOR budget...

I made a lovely little yarn wreath for our front door, which I love and I was blessed to be able to make
a few for some family members as well! YAY!
There's one to buy on my shop if you're interested!

Also, my mother-in-law was so sweet to buy me a beautiful mum for my front porch
and of course we picked some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch this past weekend!

But, I was wanting something cute for inside the house as well!
So, I decided to do a little hoop art...sort of like a hoop art wreath?? Hm...I dunno.
It's cute and I LOVE it!
Hopefully you will too and here's a little tutorial in case you want to make one as well!

"Happy Fall, Ya'll" Hoop Art Tutorial

Such a fun project...a little time consuming, but super easy and 
you can do most of it while chilling on the couch one night!

So for the materials...
you need an embroidery hoop ( I used the largest size...maybe $1.50)
Some cheap muslin or linen fabric for the hoop part...use scraps or for sure use a coupon!
Embroidery thread in fall colors and a needle
Hot glue gun
Also, ribbon for hanging it if you want!

First, I put the embroidery hoop snuggly around the fabric piece.
The smaller circle, then the fabric this slide the bigger circle down over the top.
I wrote my message out on paper and then traced it onto the fabric with a pen.
I'm from Texas so this message is soooooo appropriate, but 
"Hello Fall"
Or "Give Thanks" 
or something would be cute too!

Then I did a simple backstitch for the lettering. 
I alternated colors for each word.
There are some amazing videos on You Tube that teach how to do every kind of stitch imaginable!
That's pretty much how I learned and it's a process...
I'm getting better over time! 
Don't look to closely! HA!

Next, I cut out all my felt leaves. I found these cookie cutters at Joann's the other day for super cheap,
so I used them to trace my leaves, but you can simple draw a few on 
card stock and trace around them...
or if you're really talented you can cut them freehand.

After the leaves were cut, I stitched a few of them to add detail...I think it just adds a little handmade touch and it matches my wreath.
Then I glued the leaves on with hot glue...
oh, and I made a couple acorns 
(see at the bottom left, cute, right?! HA!)

Cut the excess fabric off of the hoop leaving a little excess to glue down on the back of the hoop.

Glue a little line along the wood portion and press down. Easy!

I had thoughts of actually ruffling my burlap, but that seemed too time consuming and I wasn't willing to try it out on my machine, so I decided to just sort of "pleat" the burlap strip with hot glue around the back edge of the hoop.
It worked great...takes a little finessing and I have a couple of glue gun burns, 
but it's worth it! HA!

Here's the finished product! I hung mine with some cute orange polka dot ribbon and I love the way it looks on my turquoise door I have leaning in my living room!

A little close up...sorry it's not super clear...we are having a rainy cloudy day and this corner of the room was a little dark...can you say..."super slow shutter speed?"

Love it! Perfect fall touch and reminds me of Texas! 
What could be better?

I'd love to know if you make one for yourself!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Link this project up to Tater Tots & Jello

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