Saturday, March 10, 2012


I'm a fan of using Picnik for photo editing.
I've used it for the past year or so to edit photos,
add text, and make collages.

However, Picnik will be going out of business in April!

So, I've been scouring the internet and other blogs
trying to find an alternative...
And it's been HARD.

Nothing seems to have the same options and features
as my beloved Picnik.

I found PicMonkey!


I love what I've seen of it so far!
I actually think it might be even better then Picnik!!

So, I suggest you check it out for yourself...

Here's a pre-edited photo...

It's a pretty good photo on it's own, 
but I did some touch ups and got this...

My sweet Gavin when he was a little guy!!


Have a great Saturday!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

I'm sure you've caught wind of Kony 2012 online this past week...
Maybe seen it on Facebook or Twitter.

I'm not only stirred to be a part, but I'm so impressed with Invisible Children.
Never before have I seen a mission so simply described and implemented.

This campaign makes it possible for everyone to play a part...
And that sort of grassroots warfare stirs me more then anything ever will,
it awakens the call of Jesus to follow Him to the hurting and oppressed in our world.

Watch the video...take 28 minutes and watch the video.

Then, talk to me about how we can take part together.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting my body back...

I'm a mom of 3 kids (6, 5, and 2).
If you have had children, you can relate to the fact that your body um...CHANGES after having kids.
It's a bit "softer" in places that had once been firm (or at least flat).

I used to think..."well, I guess this is just how my body is going to be from now on"...
"I'm never going to look that that again."
But, I'm starting to think that it's NOT IMPOSSIBLE!
In fact, I don't even want my pre-kids body back...I want something even better!
I want to be strong and fit and in the best shape of my life!
(granted no amount of exercise can erase stretch marks, but they're my battle scars, right?! HA!)

A little inspiration...

Isn't this amazing??? She is my hero.

Or maybe this...

Um...yeah...this lady is holding her 10 MONTH OLD...wha????

Are you inspired?
Good, because it's time to get to work.

3 months.
That's the time period we're going for here...March, April, May.
I find that setting a time period for extreme work makes the process a little easier.
I have all intentions of continuing, but having a time frame helps this Mama out, you hear me?!

So here's the plan...
I'll be at the gym getting my booty kicked 4-5 days a week.
And I am committing to using the My Fitness Pal app for the next 3 months as well.
No crash dieting or fads...just hard work, sweat, and watching my calorie intake...old school folks!

Have you seen My Fitness Pal?

It's a free app for smart phones that lets you set weight loss goals for yourself and then track your food and exercise.
I used it for a while earlier in 2011 and it was a huge help and I saw great results with it!
So, it's time to re-up and do it again and the hubs is going to do it with me! YES!

Are you in?? Want to do a 3 month challenge with me?

Get the workouts in...get the app. 

I'll let you know how it goes along the way.
The days that are great and the days I want to stuff my face with Ben and Jerry's.

I've got 18 pounds to lose. There, I said it. Phew. HA!

I'll share with you guys about the types of exercising I'm doing and some meal ideas along the way too!

Let's do this!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Our life via Instagram...

So, it feels like it's been a while since I've linked up 
some Instagram pics from our week!

Have you been following your friends on Instagram yet?
It's so addicting...
I love seeing snippets of people's days.

So, here's what our week looked like...

I've been wearing these a lot at least 4 days a week at the gym.
Lord, please let it pay off very before swimsuits must be worn! HA!
Need a little inspiration?
Meg from Whatever is doing a Rock Your Body challenge
this month...check out her first post on it here!

At dinner one night, Sawyer was eating huge spoonfuls of 
sour cream...
Chris was gagging and had to leave the room! HA!
It was awesome!

We threw a little engagement party for some sweet friends this past Sunday!
It was lots of fun! 
I love a rowdy and full house!

A little photo booth action!
Printed out the props from here
They were a big hit!

I tried the cupcake liner and coffee filter garland for the party.
I know...sounds weird, but it's so so cute!
I have left them up this week!!

Some little flowers that my friend made...too cute to throw away!
So they have found a home on my chalkboard. 

We've been practicing "Jesus + Nothing" as a church body.
No "fluff"...simply hearing Jesus today and 
following Him together.

Verge 2012 is a conference about missional community that's 
been going on this week in Austin, TX. I signed up for the live
simulcast so I could catch this lady, Jen Hatmaker.
She's a fire ball! Loved it!

Made these lovelies...

Joy the Baker's cappuccino cookies...
I substitute semi sweet chocolate for the white chocolate.
So yummy!!

And finally...tea...sometimes it's just all I want.
Tazo Refresh tea is my favorite!!!
And of course in my Bodum tea diffuser....

Hope you have a blessed weekend!
We're actually looking forward to a pretty quite weekend!
Praying for some warmer and sunnier weather so we 
can play outside!

Linking up...