About Me

Hi! Nice to meet ya!

I'm a Texas girl living in the Midwest with my amazing husband
and my three rowdy boys.
I love Jesus unashamedly and I desire to look
more like him every day.

We are currently in the process of adopting two little
girls from Cameroon!
We'd love for you to journey with us as we get
closer to bringing them home!!

We are families pastors at our amazing church in Wheaton, IL!

We love our community.
We love the Church.

I started blogging last summer as a way to actually use 
my expensive college journalism degree (kidding...sort of! HA!)
I've loved getting to share projects, random thoughts,
recipes, and family moments.

I hope that as I grow into my blog, that it will
evolve over time!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I'd love to hear from you!