Friday, October 21, 2011

Our life via Instagram...

Here's our week...
well, some of it...

It's been cold and rainy most of the week,
so I haven't taken many pictures.

But these are pretty great! 
So hopefully quality will make up for quantity! HA!

Buddy Bear in his mohawk hat!

He's so serious here! HA! My thoughtful little man.

Brother LOVE!

I love Sawyer's face in this one...pure joy!

Tire swing...but "not too fast" Gavin would say!

Micah looks so grown up here...

And here...

Maybe not so much here...HA!
Tickle torture from Dada!

Freedom!!! So sweet!

Mama and Micah on the dock!

I send this to my mom to show her that the leaves were 
still pretty here! Love these across the street from us!

So, that's our week!
Hope you had a great one!

I'll be posting a little craft project tomorrow 
and also another one of my thankful posts on Sunday!!!

Have a great Friday!

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  1. even though it was rainy (here, too), it looks like you had a lovely week. i think i know where that park're really close to town. awesome! although i'm a country-loving, farm-wishing girl, i would LOVE to have a town to walk to with a great library and coffee shop and restaurants....just like your town! :)
    maybe i'll see you Wednesday?
    i can email you my cell# if you want to text me....
    happy Sunday to you, megan

  2. What time is the book signing on Wednesday?? I have evening plans, so I'm hoping it's during the day some time????