Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat Loveliness...

We went to a local church's Trunk or Treat
with my parents this past Saturday!!

Costumes, candy and bounce houses...
my boys were loving it!

It was a tad chilly, but we stuck it out and even
made a short stop at our favorite park on the way home.
We had three very tired boys that night!

Excited to do some trick or treating with friends tonight!!!

Tough Transformer! When he had his mask on he wouldn't talk,
like he was in character or funny!

Iron Man striking a pose!!

Sawyer just wore Spiderman pajamas, they were nice and warm!!
We had to wake him from his nap to go to the Trunk or Treat...
hence the paci!

My handsome husband with Sawyer...Sawyer got one sucker
and was totally fine! HA!


The boys were so excited to see people dressed up in Star Wars
costumes!! Yoda was awesome!

Waiting in line so patiently...sweet boys!

Love this face!!

G-Daddy made Sawyer's day by blowing tons of bubbles!!
He loved it!

I had to include Baby Carson's sweet puppy face! : )

Nana and Sawyer!!! And that might be the same sucker he had all day!

Sweet Bear in his new Bear hat from the market that morning...LOVE!

Hope you have a great Halloween!!!

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  1. my son was optimus prime a couple years ago too. my son's little booty in those one-piece polyester getups is so cute, i think. this year, he is ninja in the same kind of one-piece costume and i have just never seen a ninja with such a cute rear-end.

  2. I know!! I love their little bums in those costumes!! Did you find a ninja one at Target? My boys so wanted to be ninjas, but I never got around to finding one. They pretty much will dress up any day of the week and don't need a special occasion. HA!!!