Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finding Keys with a Friend...

Today, a friend and I went to a huge flea market in a neighboring town.
It was awesome and BIG!
And I scored some great stuff for displaying my Storehouse Crafts items at some upcoming events!

I'm so thankful that I found all the things I was hoping to was a miracle! 
And for great prices!
Even more of a miracle.

But, mostly...I'm thankful for friendship.
Thankful for deep conversation that eases into laughter.
Someone with similar tastes and passions.
Someone who refreshed my heart!
Someone who spends all day with me and THEN invites my whole rowdy crew over for dinner.

Thank you, Shelby!
I had a wonderful day with you and I look forward for many more to come!

Here's a look at some of the things I scored...

I love old crates...this one is a great shade of yellow and was only $5...sweet!!

Vintage fabric for a cute little table cloth...the pink and purple are so sweet and it is in amazing condition!

This wire stand was already being used in a booth to display necklaces. Perfect and only $10!

I have big plans for this vintage suitcase. I'm thinking opening it up and putting hooks to hang things and maybe lining the inside with some pretty fabric?? We'll see!

Ok...this one is not for my store, but it's an awesome rustic "O"...perfect for the Otts'! I'm thinking I need to start an "O" collection and do a grouping with some family photos....

And of course some vintage keys...because we all know I love me some keys!

Hope you had an amazing Sunday!
Tell a friend tomorrow how thankful you are for them! : )


  1. yeah! i'm so glad Kane Co. was a hit! and that you had a friend to share it with....even better.

  2. Megan, it was awesome! We didn't even make it into the indoor building...there was so much to see! We should totally plan a day to meet up for a day of rummaging next time you're in town!!! So fun!

  3. What a nice day and some great finds! Love the O. I've started a nice collection of oversize "A"s for my craft room.

  4. I love your finds! I have been on the hunt for some old crates, and I love that wire stand for jewelry! :) Oh and the vintage fabric too! I also love your blog background, it is very much my style!! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! :)

  5. Ann, I'm so excited to start a little "O" collection!! So fun!

  6. @Quetzal Handmade- Love your blog! I popped over for a look and I'm in love with all your projects...right up my alley! I'm a follower now...can't wait to read your posts!