Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taste tested and approved!

So, tonight I made pizza pockets for dinner and my 5 year-old literally thanked me for making them about twenty times and kept saying, "Mmmmm...these are sooooo yummy, mommy!"

That in an of itself is a victory for my brave son on a journey of loving different foods!

I figured it was worth sharing, right?!!

Oh...and it's filled with TONS of veggies...did I mention that...V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!

So, so tasty....
Click here for the recipe!

And the dough is soooo amazingly light and delicious! I'm thinking it might be my new pizza dough go-to recipe...maybe with some herbs added?!!!!


  1. Can you just cook for both our families? Or make my meal plan, either works. Yum-O!

  2. Ha! I'll keep posting yummy food we try if it helps!! I'm terrible with meal planning. When Chris is gone it's things like grilled cheese and fruit for dinner. So, when he's home I try my best to be inventive!! We had homemade mac and cheese last night that was so yummy!