Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I {heart} pinwheels!

I've recently discovered a long lost love for pinwheels!

I think they are so cute and modern! If we had a girl I can guarantee that her next birthday party would be a pinwheel sweet! For now, however, I'll just have to settle for making them for baby showers and such...sigh...ha!

So, here's some simple ones I made for my cousin's baby shower. I've included a few pics with simple instructions. Mine are purely decorative. There are other ways to make them where they will actually spin when you blow on them, but these were just to look purdy.

Sweet little pinwheels!!

Things you will need:

Scrapbook paper (double sided is great if you have some) cut into any size square you want
Wooden sticks
Hot glue gun

Take the square and fold one corner to the opposite corner to create a triangle.

Do the same thing in the opposite direction and make crisp folds.

Cut down each fold about half way.

Fold every other point towards the center. It can be tricky getting them all to stay put. This is where I put a tiny piece of tape to hold all the points together.

Carefully stick the brad through the points in the center of the pinwheel. I used a knife to start the hole so that the brad went through easily.

Take the made pinwheel and attach to the stick by wrapping the brad around the stick and then hot glueing to secure it.

There you have it! A pretty paper pinwheel! The possibilities are endless! They would look so cute covering an entire wreath, or hanging from the ceiling or topping a cake!!

I added mine to a bouquet of daisies in painted mason jars for the shower!

Here's some more random decoration pics from the shower!

Tissue paper pom poms

Personalized banner in Winnie the Pooh fabric to match her nursery

Diaper Cake


  1. I saw these at a store in Seattle a few months ago and am planning on making them for Sophie's room. But, thankfully I don't have to figure out how to do it anymore. Thanks for the directions! Love the blog.

  2. Liz, hope it helps!! Let me know if you have any questions!! I think they would be super cute like strung on a piece of ribbon or yarn and hung like a banner too!! So wish I had a girl! HA!!!