Monday, May 9, 2011

Shared Spaces

I have seen a lot of really cute idea for shared kids bedrooms lately! It really is proof that kids can live together in small spaces and do great! I actually think there is something so special about kids sharing a room with siblings...our boys are a perfect example! 

Micah and Gavin shared a room at our old house we moved out of in January...

They had day beds in this room

Here's a peak of Sawyer's room which was also our guest room...

I LOVED the dark blue ceiling...we were going to put stars all over it...hopefully we'll try again in the next house!

In January, we moved out of our house and into a two bedroom rental...can you say "major adjustment"? My biggest worry was all three boys sharing a room. Would they sleep okay? Would all of them fit into one room? Thankfully, it's been an amazing transition and now I'm so thankful that they share! I think it was the Lord's grace that they are sharing now...must have been the perfect timing for them.

So, here's their room now...

They really have plenty of space! Thankful for a big room!
The big boys were so excited to get bunk beds! And each boy got a little book sling to store books in!
Sawyer's crib got an awesome new plane mobile and a little banner to make it cheery!
Enough space for our little reading corner. Sawyer loves to drag books out of the book bin on the floor!

There you go! It's totally doable for kiddos to share a space! We plan on having them all continue sharing when we move as well since they have done so great all together. 

Do your kids share a room? I'd love to hear your storage/decorating ideas!!!!

Hope you had a great Monday!


  1. I love their room! This is one of the things I miss about only having one girl and boy, of course they would share a room if we would let them!

  2. I love that they share a room! I was worried when we moved into this two bedroom house, but it's really been so good for them!