Friday, April 29, 2011

Recipes: Spicy Fish Tacos and Cappuccino Cookies

These recipes were so YUMMY!!! Try them, you won't be disappointed!

Fish Tacos with spicy slaw and a sour cream avocado sauce!

I mean...seriously...doesn't that look amazing! The spicy slaw is a hubs who doesn't love cabbage was eating this up!!

And for dessert...

These cookies are amazing! Just enough coffee flavor to bring out the chocolate...I used semi sweet chocolate chips instead of white chocolate, because I LOVE chocolate!!! YUM!

Great dinner recipe for the weekend!!! Have a great one!


  1. Yes, yes and amen to good food. I am so glad I haven't grocery shopped family is going to want to hug you!

  2. These were soooo good! The slaw was pretty spicy, but Chris and I loved it! We ate it up as leftovers the next day!