Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farm Fresh Saturday...

It was a beautiful day in Waco sunny California beautiful...all we were missing was the smell of the ocean! ha! Today is looking like it will be the same...glorious...thank you, Jesus, for speaking my love language this weekend!

This amazing weather makes me sad we don't have a garden at our little rental house. I spent a lot of time dreaming about what our garden will be like when we finally get settled. ahhhh....can't wait!

In the meantime, I've been trying my hand and making bread from scratch and visiting our local farmer's market yesterday morning (yes, we have one!! it's not much, but it's something! go visit it so it will grow!) We got some blackberries, green beans, and peaches! YUM!

 I decided to make some freezer jam from the recipes I found in this amazing magazine!

Urban Farm
Such a great article!!

So, I had never heard of "freezer jam" before...but it's soooooo much easier and the taste is amazing! Instead of boiling the jam in a water bath, you simple mix fruit, sugar, and instant pectin together and store in the fridge for one week or in the freezer for up to a year!! WHAT?! That's so easy!

Things I like about freezer jam:

1. Duh, it's so easy to make! I made nine 8oz jars in about an hour. Note: make sure you get freezer safe jars. I found mine at HEB.

2. It has a really fresh taste because the fruit hasn't been boiled and cooked down.

3. The consistency is softer and this makes it easier to spread on bread. It can also be warmed and put over things like ice cream.


So, there you have it! Either grab yourself a copy of this amazing magazine and try out the recipes or look online for some good ones! It's worth a little bit of time!!

I made Strawberry Orange, Blackberry Blueberry, and Peach Raspberry!!

I also made some honey whole wheat bread from scratch to have with our amazing jam!

My amazing breakfast this morning!! I mean look at the color of that jam! Awesome!

Have a beautiful Sunday!!


  1. So getting that magazine! I was so bummed because we picked up blackberries too and later in the day I went to prep them for jam and they were covered in aphids. Yuck, no bueno. We do score some yummy Roma tomatoes at the Flea Market though that were delish!

  2. You will love this magazine! Really great! And the jam turned out AMAZING!!