Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Lovin'...

So, my boys are officially done with Mother's Day Out. It was only twice a week for Micah and once a week for Gavin, but still it was SOMETHING!

Here we are celebrating with a little Chik fil A ice cream treat after their last day...
I'm quietly crying in the corner of the booth here...ha! Kidding (sort of!)

Those might just be the "cheesiest" smiled ever! HA!

But now that there is nothing really planned for our days anymore...I am feeling a bit overwhelmed...anyone feel the same way when summer comes??!

So, here's the deal...I NEED IDEAS!

Fun things to do with my kiddos...ages 5,4, and 1!

Games, crafts (remember I have BOYS here!), outings, theme days, etc.

Write your ideas in the comments below and that way everyone gets to benefit from your creativity!


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