Sunday, April 17, 2011

Make An Easter Garden this week!!!

I found this amazing post on Top of the awesome blog that you should was a post about making an Easter Garden! I LOVED the idea and decided we were going to take it on and make it our own. We on Saturday we headed to Lowe's to buy the materials and here is what we came up with!

Our little Easter Garden

A close up...

So, it's basically a large pot filled with potting soil and you plant various succulent plants in it and create the Easter story backdrop. We made a small path with rocks that leads to a stone tomb. There's a little cup filled with water that looks like a little pond...the water signifies that Jesus is the Living Water. The Aloe Vera reminds us that by His stripes we are healed. The small cactus is a reminder of the pain that Christ suffered before and during his death on the cross.

Today we recreated the Triumphant Entry! We had Jesus (well...maybe he's actually Han Solo, but it's the best we could do!) entering Jerusalem on our little road. He road a little horse and all the people (Iron Man included) bowed down and worshipped Him. I cut out little scraps of fabric to lay on the "colt" and to lay in the road. LOVED Jimmy's message this morning about offering Jesus whatever we matter how small it may seem. 

Chris reading the story of the Triumphant Entry from the Bible!

Sweet Gavin listening to the story!
Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem! R2D2 looks overjoyed!! HA!

So, that's about it! We're excited about all the boys awesome questions and we can't wait to continue the greatest story the world have ever known this week! We will continue playing out the story and reading from the Bible. We will have the Lord's Supper on Thursday and talk about the garden where Jesus prayed. We have another small pot of plants that will be the garden. Then, Friday we will talk about the death of Jesus. We will light candles along the path and they will be blown out at the hour of his death. A small wooden cross will stand by the tomb where Jesus will be placed with guards (Lego knights!) out front. Then...RESURRECTION SUNDAY! We open the tomb and Jesus' clothes are laying there! HE'S ALIVE!! 

I love that this is something so visual for my boys to see and even play with. They spent hours playing in the little garden today with their Lego's. It's an awesome idea! Try it out this week!!!


  1. Thanks so much!! It's been a lot of fun!!

  2. It really turned out beautiful, definitely making this beauty next year!