Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft Night and Spring Wreath!

So, last night was our first official "Craft Night!" It was so much fun and I'm hoping to plan another one for some time in May...depending on what moving looks like for us in the coming months!! If you have any crafty/artsy project ideas put them in the comments! Maybe this time we can all work on one small project together that can realistically get done in the hour or two we have together...maybe hand stamped note cards?? What do YOU think??

I started this Spring wreath for my front door at Craft was a little more time consuming then I had anticipated, but here's the finished project after some work on it this morning! Thanks to Jones Design Company and the wonderfully creative Lauren for this great idea!

Love the ruffles and the little birds nest with an egg for each of our boys!!
A close up of the little bird's nest!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!


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  1. It was so very fun, loved how your wreath turned out and I am embarrassed to say mine STILL isn't finished!