Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Handcrafted Gift

Chris and I were talking the other day about the idea of something being handcrafted....made by someone with intentionality and love. It makes a gift so much more personal to know that a friend used their resources and time to make something they thought you would enjoy. I see this more and more in this generation now...the desire and appreciation for the handcrafted. Hence, the recent phenomenon of Etsy! (Which, by the way, when are they going to create Etsy gift cards...uhhh-huh!! Would be am-a-zing!) 

We have a desire to fill our homes with not just the big box-store stuff we got on clearance, but also with items that have history and personality. Something that a person's hand touched and that wasn't mass produced from a machine. Maybe even something bravely crafted from another part of the world like these...

Colorful necklaces made out of magazine
scraps by Ugandan women!

or these...
Amazing sari pajamas from Punjammies
or these...
Beautiful indigenous Rwandan baskets!

I know I find myself desiring more of these things in my home. A little taste of the nations in my very "American" home. Things that serve as a reminder of these people and God's unfailing love for them and delight in what they create!

Collecting things of meaning...Chris' grandmother recently passed away and we inherited a pair of really great chairs from her home. I love the idea that we will have something of hers forever in our home and used by our family. It's something we will glimpse or use on a daily basis that will forever remind us of our precious Mema. (I'll have pictures to come as I attempt to paint and re-upholster them! AHHH!)

Lately, I find myself wanting to search out a little digging at thrift stores or vintage stores. I recently found this awesome school house light fixture for $18! 

We don't have a home quite yet to hang it in, but I'm so excited to use it someday! HA! I also found this amazing old map of Big Bend National Park that would look so great framed somewhere...a cool reminder of Texas. They are new to me but old to someone else. I love that I'm reusing what otherwise might have been dumped in a landfill somewhere and I also love that it's something that someone once treasured and bought for themselves.

So, all that to say...I'm learning how to be more intentional in the things I buy and my desire is to give gifts more and more that are handcrafted or repurposed by ME or someone ELSE! 

Is there something YOU could make someone today? Maybe just a written letter in the mail, a simple homemade baked goodie in pretty packaging, or a wreath for a friend's new fabulous turquoise front door??

Give it a try this week...

Much LOVE,

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  1. Great post, love to create with intentionality. If I pray as I sew it always yields better results! :)