Monday, April 25, 2011

"I want to live at the beach..."

Our awesome beach house for the weekend!

We just spent our Easter weekend with my parents in Galveston at a beach house! It was amazing! Our boys had only been to the beach once and that was when they were really little so they don't really remember it.

They loved playing in the waves...

Look how cool my BOYS are!!!

Sawyer ate his fair share of sand...EW!

And Gavin built sand castles only so that he could destroy them and say, "Hulk SMASH!!"

The pool was a bit chilly, but they still loved it! Especially with Dada!!

We especially loved all the great time with Nana and G-Daddy!

Sawyer catching a ride on G-Daddy's shoulders!
Nana and Micah on the train in Kemah!

And of course, we celebrated the death and resurrection of our Jesus!! We had the Lord's supper and Chris washed the boys' feet and Jesus was placed in the tomb in our garden. We lit our candle and then blew it out to signify His death. But, Sunday morning...the candle was burning bright and Jesus is alive!! Such a fun thing we did with the boys this year! We can't wait to do it again! The celebration is even more special with you see it through the eyes of your children! It's a beautiful thing!

Hope you had an amazing Easter Weekend!!


  1. Very cool. Glad you had a good time. Missed being with you .

  2. Love the pics!! Sawyer on G-Daddy's shoulders is too cute!!