Monday, September 19, 2011

"Not On Our Watch"

This past weekend was our World Mandate conference at our home church in Waco, TX.
We were sad to miss it in person, but thankfully we were able to watch a couple of sessions
via live feed on the thankful!

I'm so honored to be a part of the Antioch movement.
We've given our lives to this tribe and I can't imagine our lives without it.
A community and leadership team that passionately pursues Jesus and His purposes throughout
the earth! It's authentic and real and we're so thankful.

A You Tube video from a World Mandate dance!

A little peak at the worship...via You Tube

We were fortunate to get to hear Christine Caine speak Sunday morning!
I was so challenged by her and inspired to be a woman of action...
to see the injustice of the world and not just have sympathy, but to have "compassion."
To step into people's lives and really make a difference...get into the trenches.

To declare that no longer will we stand by and do nothing while there are 27 million
slaves on the earth. "Not on our watch!"

Take a look at her amazing ministry called The A21 Campaign
You will be rocked!

I was telling my husband that there was something she talked about that really struck me...
Christine is a mom of two small children and her ministry takes her all over the world and her work within the area of trafficking/slavery is risky.
As a mom of three small boys, I sometimes wonder if the BIG dreams of my heart and for justice 
will ever be realized any time soon of if they are dreams for later in my life.
I know that my boys are a big part of my ministry...but I also know that God has stirred my heart
for other things as well and I want to steward those dreams well.

My three little world changers!

I'm asking God to bring clarity to what pursuing these things looks like in this season of motherhood.
I don't want having small children to be something I hide behind when God may be calling me into something bigger them myself and seemingly risky...
I also don't want to step into to something that God hasn't given me and my kids grace for.
I'm believing for greater clarity here and I hope maybe you'll do the same!
What are the BIG dreams and passions that God has stirred your heart for?

Maybe trafficking, prostitution, hunger, AIDS, adoption, foster care, single mothers, widows, education, medical missions...I could go on and on.

He has something for you to grab hold of!
Maybe it's giving financially, maybe it's taking a short term trip, maybe it's risking everything and making it a vocation or praying through a move to another nation!

Whatever it is...God has BIG plans for mommies!
He wants to use you to cultivate a heart for justice in your children!
I want to be an example of a freedom fighter to my show them that 
the Church is God's tool for bringing change in the world and that they have a role to play.

Here's some amazing organizations that might stir a passion in you today!

That's just a you have some great organizations that excite you?!?!

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Totally captured your heart and I love you even more! Pray for me friend, God has been stirring my heart for Jesus Said Love for some time and I have been afraid to walk it out...pray for wisdom and that I would learn to love like Jesus!

  2. I love this post too, you totally speak to the struggle moms and Christ followers sometimes have. How do we balance our God given dreams with our God given role of motherhood? I've lately realized that I need to sometimes take my brood along as I minister (which is usually not too difficult, as my husband is a youth pastor) I've learned that if God has called me to do something he will make a way for me to do it, even if it's by toting kids along. He does give us the grace and ability to carry out his purposes for us, if we're obedient, if we were willing to be stretched!

    (that picture of your kids is adorable...every kid needs a super hero cape!)

  3. That's awesome, Jenni! You should totally do it! I think you would love Emily!
    Thanks, Gina, for your comment! So encouraging!

  4. Such an awesome post! I am a mama of 3 little boys too. I get exactly what you are saying here. I always wonder what God has for me in addition to mothering my 3 great guys.