Thursday, September 22, 2011

Series: The Birth of Something New (#3 Storehouse Waiting)

Little did we know...we were about to begin what I refer to affectionately as the "Springdale house" period. We knew, at this point, that the Lord was calling us to Wheaton, IL. We had an offer on our house after returning from Wheaton in October. And we were set to close at the end of December!

But, then what?! Do we move right away? Does Chris quit his job? Do we start looking for a job in the Chicago area?

There were more questions then there were answers at this point, that's for sure!

We didn't feel peace to make the move right away, so we started looking for a temporary place to live in Waco until we felt like the Lord released us to move forward. All the while, we remained with fixed eyes on the promise and path that the Lord has laid before us. Some days it was clouded by anxiety and fear, but He was kind enough to give us clarity to speak against discouragement and to once again fix our eyes on Him...our Author of this great story.

God so graciously prepared the perfect homes for us in this season of transition. We moved out of our home at the beginning of January...we put all of our belongings into storage and stayed at a home near our church for a month while the family who lived there was on a mission trip to South Africa. It was a miracle and it was hard, very hard. We had a few weeks to figure out what comes next. We started looking for rental homes and apartments. It was difficult to find a place that would be flexible with our "limbo" situation. Through the Body of Christ we found a two bedroom home to rent that was just what we needed and it was ours for an amazing price and no rental contract. Praise, Jesus! He's so good!

We unpacked a few things out of storage and moved into our new home. It was small. All three boys shared a bedroom, which was the Lord, because they did AMAZING and now they still share a room and it's perfect. He knew the exact timing for even the smallest details like that, because He loves us. We tried to live life as normally as possible during this season, while Chris travelled and also looked for jobs in the Chicago area. We clung to the scriptures, words, dreams, and pictures He had given us throughout the last year. We remembered.

And we waited...

Sometimes things take longer then we would have liked...

Sometimes God shows up in the waiting places...

When I hear God speak something, I tend to want to run after it take off! And sometimes, things happen quickly and miracles happen right away.

Other times, God speaks the dream, the promise, and we wait...we believe...we choose faith.

I'm so thankful for this lesson in enduring that God so graciously taught us. This lesson he taught me about my own personality flaw that needed a bit of refining. The treasure He gave us was that there is MORE of Him to be found in the waiting rooms of our lives.


In this the "Springdale house" business Storehouse Crafts was conceived and birthed.

I had this dream in my heart for God to release a new level of creativity in me and to see that become a business. And not just Storehouse Crafts business, but eventually something even bigger then that...The Storehouse Promise. I am expectant to see how God unfolds this story. I have a feeling it has an amazing ending!

The Storehouse came from a passage in Deuteronomy.

"The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouses of His bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations, but will borrow from none."
Deuteronomy 28:12

It was a promise for us if we would be obedient. If we would obey Him..."the Lord would send a blessing on [our] barns and on everything [we] put our hand to. The Lord would bless [us] in the land He was giving us." Deut. 28:8

I look back and I see God's fingerprints all over these last 8 months. The ways he opened doors, the way He dug deep into our hearts and brought healing. The ways he took us to new depths in Him. I'm so thankful for the hard road...the path to the Promised Land is a long one.

Will you hold on? Isn't it worth it? Go back and remember His promises will bring forth thankfulness and joy in your weary heart, I promise!

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