Monday, September 26, 2011


I am so excited for this next season with my business Storehouse Crafts!
God has been opening some amazing doors and I can't wait to see 
what all He leads me into in the future.
It's been a fun ride so far!

I've been busy getting materials for the items I'm making for a house show and for a Christmas Boutique here in the Chicago areas!

I love shopping for fabric...
It's my favorite part about having this business actually! HA!
I have the hardest time deciding on the right many cute things to choose from 
and each season there is something new!!

This is the state of my craft room at the moment...

Messy, but so much beautiful color...I love you, Amy Butler fabric! HA!

I love that right now it's just a pile of fabric, but with some work it can become something really great! 
A necklace, a head wrap, a bag...

It has so much potential. 

It's sort of how it is with much beautiful potential. The Master Craftsman comes along and makes us into  something that's not only beautiful, but also purposed and a blessing to others.

I love it when He speaks to me through the mundane and ordinary. Jesus is so sweet to whisper to us throughout the day if we're only willing and disciplined enough to listen.

I'm hard at work...hopefully I'll be able to post some peeks of things I'm making over the next few weeks! I am trying my hand at some new things and hoping they come together! We'll see! HA!

For now, I've listed a few new things in my shop! Stop by and take a look!

If you're looking for something to bring some Fall cheer to your door...

If you're looking for a new fall hair accessory...

Yes, I am my own of these days
I'll have someone to take photos of me for reals! HA!
Or maybe a little something "pretty" for a little lady in your life...

Isn't she adorable?! 

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!!!

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