Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Series: The Birth of Something New (#2 Seek Him with your WHOLE heart)

I said "Yes" to following Jesus into the greater depths. To choose to press into Him even when it was hard and even when it didn't seem like my circumstances were changing. 
I said "Yes" I got up in the morning and sat on my bed with the word on my lap and The Word met me there. He spoke words of encouragement to my heart and He reminded me 
who I was and who He is. 

He restored my vineyards and he turned my Valley of Trouble into a doorway of Hope. 
He was the key that unlocked more of Himself to me. If I would take Him up and surrender to His unlocking...He would open doors that I never thought I would ever walk through.

{I can't wait to see how many doors he unlocks to me in the future...the Kingdom is wide 
and revelation us uncapped. Thank You, Jesus!}

So, we sought Him for what this "more" might look like for us. After 10 years in Waco, TX, we felt like we were supposed to make a real move. A new city. We listened to the Holy Spirit so gently speaking wisdom in our ears, but the fears spoke louder some days.

Move. "Okay...move somewhere in Texas, right? Move, but not TOO far, right? 
That's what you're saying...right, Lord?!"

WE pursued moving to Austin, TX just an hour or so south of Waco. Our house was on the market. Chris was still traveling every week. We TRIED to make it work and my heart was heavy. 
My heart was striving. It was exhausting!

Finally, after 6 months or so, we needed to go back to the drawing board.
 "Lord, did we hear you right? Why does this not feel right?" 
"Is this just one of those seasons where we need to press through?"

 Then, we remembered feeling like the Lord spoke a city far away when we first started seeking Him all those month before. A city where one of our Antioch church plants was located. 

We prayed again. For 30 days we prayed. 
This time, we said NO to the fears that had latched onto our hearts previously and we abandoned ourselves to the call of God on our lives. 
We were finally FULLY His to lead in whatever way He saw fit. His will. Not ours.

And God spoke.

He spoke Wheaton, IL. He confirmed it on a visit Chris and I took up here in October. He confirmed it again when we got a call at the O'hare airport that we had just gotten an offer on our house after 5 weeks without a single showing. 

He spoke.

And we responded. 

And here we are in was just that simple, right? Well, not quite...


  1. You rock! minor typo in the last line "here we arel in Wheaton".
    this is great!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's actually an exclamation point, but looks weird with my font...I'm gonna fix it! Ha!!!

  3. love your blog. this is a beautiful testimony