Friday, August 31, 2012

Thanks-Living August

Do you know Leslie?
No? You really should read her blog Top of the Page
It's one of my favorites!

Leslie, is starting a little linky to add your post about thankfulness!
Love this idea!

I'm so excited to jump in with her today!

There is so much that I am thankful for in this season...
in this month!!

But, this is what I'm most thankful for...

in August, we were able to take a trip with Chris' family to Colorado.
We LOVE Colorado.
For both Chris and I, it is a place of real refreshing.

And this hike we took up to a waterfall and mountain lake
was perfection.

Chris comes alive outdoors and I love going on new
adventures with this man.
It is one of the biggest joys of our marriage!

I'm so thankful we had this experience together.
Before we left for Colorado,
it was the one thing I asked the Lord for...
that we would have an adventure together in His creation!

So very thankful!



  1. hi pal! been meaning to comment since friday when i read this on my phone. your statement about your husband coming alive outdoors and then being so excited to share adventures with him...made me sigh. you are a good wife. my husband is 100% that guy. and i'm like 2% that wife. nature and i don't get along super well. but your example inspires me to want more. thanks. and thanks for the linkers.

  2. Ahh, Colorado is so gorgeous. We lived there as newlyweds, some of my favorite memories!