Thursday, August 30, 2012

School has begun...

So, school has started for our little family!
We now have a  half-day kindergartener and a first grader (crazy!)

The boys did great!
Micah's teacher called him "a joy to have in class"!! YAY!
Gavin is making lots of new friends and is proving to be a great little learner!

I've heard numerous people say that they have been so emotional
with their kids starting school this past week.
Me? I didn't shed a that wrong?! HA!

My boys NEED school right now,
and this mama NEEDS them 
to go to school right now.

And let me not forget to mention that we do still have a 
two and a half year old around the house all day.
I am by no means an empty nester during the days.

But, I've enjoyed them being at school for a few hours this past week!
I've enjoyed the alone time I get with Gavin after he gets 
home at lunch time.
I put Sawyer to bed and we get some time to sit together and play.

I'm thankful for what this year looks like!
God knew exactly what I needed!
Now, if I can just get the morning schedule down so things are
a bit more peaceful!

Part of school starting...a trip to the dentist!! 

They did awesome! And got a Sonic treat as a reward!
Brave boys!

How has your first week of school been???!!

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