Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My favorite little spots

I love reading blogs...my husband looked at my Google Reader 
the other day and was 
amazed by how many blogs I subscribe to! HA!
I like mostly blogs with lots of pictures, something I can read quickly...
so, my hope is that my own blog will be a good mix of
"wordy" and "easy to skim through."

This is a skimmer post...

I spend a lot of time in my home, A LOT!
It's so important that when I come home or simply walk into a room 
that I feel happy there and at rest.
I so want my home to be a place of color and life and happiness.

So, with that said, these are some pics of my
favorite little spots around the house!
It's constantly evolving, but I love our little blue house...
I'm so very thankful for it!

The spot by the stairs. It's been a recent little project.
All of it is thrifted or flea market finds. The table will get painted eventually,
but it was $15 at Goodwill and is a perfect fit.
I'm in love with Megan's printable at Contented Sparrow, perfect for
coming into fall!

My friend Shelby painted this thrift store owl hot pink,
I love it!!
And an Anthro candle always makes a spot better, right?!
(Thanks again, Shelby!)

This picture has been passed down from my great-grandma.
It hung over my grandmother's bed as we were circled around her
in her final hours here on earth.
I think of her every time I look at it and it is so special to me!

I'm a sucker for cute buttons and this chair has lots of them
(and was a gift from my in-laws)!
You can see our little family Instagram wall in the background.

I have a thing for "O"s since our last name starts with it!
I also love these pretty nesting dolls my mom brought back from Russia...
some of my favorite little things.

Ahhhh....the porch.
We LOVE our porch. I recently moved a day bed onto the porch
and now we love it even more!
This is my spot in the mornings, especially since 
it's started to cool off!
It's a sad day when it gets too cold to venture out there.

This is a good spot!! Next to my "lovey" while he watches a movie.
He gets a little extra lovin' on since the older two are now in school every morning.

Did you know you can print off Instagram 4x4 photos at Walgreens??
I got 18 of them for $3 and got them in about an hour.
I love them randomly placed all over my chicken wire door that is
propped up in the living room.
I've got a thing for old doors...

A favorite sunny spot in the kitchen...I feel like a spend a good bit 
of my day in front of the sink! HA!

I'm so thankful for our little home!
It's such a place of rest and refuge for us.
God is so good to provide a place that brings joy to our souls.

With a little creativity and very little money and house
really can become
a home.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Love all your special spots! Like the new table, too!! Nice.

  2. What an adorable and cozy home you have! You have a done great job. I felt right at home just thru the computer screen! :) Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. as simple as you may think it is, this post inspires me. i've struggled so much with our living space that we've been in for the last 6 years. God knows I've tried to pray myself OUT of it! which is not so grateful, i know. i want to be grateful and like it and be inspired. i'm just not there. instead i'm overwhelmed by it and the negatives. yours looks so darling and creative. i know i CAN have that, i'm just still praying for God to help me turn that vision into reality. :)