Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coming back to it...

I've left this little blog unattended to for quite some time! It has crossed my mind many times to grab my laptop and write something down...a thought, post a quick picture, or do a little update on our lives. But, to be honest, our lives have been in such transition these past few months that I didn't even know where to start.

So, I'll start here...and try to keep it simple.

Credit: Aaron Mason on Instagram
We have lived in Wheaton, IL for almost one year exactly and I am more certain then ever that this is exactly where we're supposed to be. It has not been an easy journey. We have struggled financially since we made the move last August. But, in the midst of that...we have felt more loved by the Father, by family, and by community then ever before. We have travelled this road together and have only concluded that God is good, the Church is the answer, and His timing is perfect.

We moved up here to simply obey what God called us to and to be a part of Antioch Community Church here in Wheaton. Little did we know that God would call forth the deeper dreams of our serve Him in full-time ministry. In February, we were asked to come on staff at our church here. I can't even put into words what it means to me to have the honor of serving this amazing Church and amazing staff. We are truly living our dreams!

To see my husband come alive has been the greatest blessing of all. To see the gifts in him used to their fullest potential. To see others call out the gold that I have treasured in him always. It fulfills places in my own heart that I never knew were even there.

Women, are your husbands living their fullest life? Or are they simply going through the motions? 

When was the last time you saw his heart ablaze with something? I'm telling you...there is no greater joy then to see your man walk into the destiny God has for him. It's not always the easy road, sometimes it involves risk, but it is so wonderfully worth it.

Chris would say that this is my "soap box." I am unapologetically passionate about seeing the men of our world step into the true roles and gifting that have been placed upon them since the beginning of time. They are each uniquely marked by their Creator to live passionate lives full of purpose. To lead others, to lead wives, to lead children, to lead nations. When they are not tapping into this calling on their lives, when they simply "do life" out of compulsion and duty...we lose something. We ALL lose something. When a man is in the center of God's purpose for his life, no matter how challenging that calling might be...he will rise up. A man who seeks God, who leads well, who does not settle for the things of the world...he is to be treasured.

Thank you for saying "yes" over and over again this past year. Thank you for leading us well. Thank you for not giving up on the "best" that God had for you. I have found no greater joy in my life then seeing you come alive this past year. To see the wrestling of your heart to fight for finding out what you are truly made for. To see you find clarity on your giftings and roles. It has not been an easy ride, but I would do it a hundred times over just to have come to this place with you. It was all so very worth it! You are going to change the world, my friend. You will disciple the nations. You will equip the future leaders of our movement. You are a father to many.

I'm honored to have followed you this far...and I look forward to the years of blazing trails with you ahead. 

Your faithful cheerleader,

There is no greater thing for a wife, then to walk with a man whom she trusts completely.

Because I would say....that a man who fears the Lord is also to be praised.


  1. Alright! I loved this post! Thanks for giving an update on what God is doing in your family's journey. Keep writing, Christie!

  2. So happy to see an update. I am so happy for you and your family, and what a blessing that Chris is doing exactly what he was called to do. Blessings on you as you continue to pray and support him as well!

  3. Beautifully worded. When a husband follows the path the God has in store for him, not only does he benefit but all around him do too. It's so refreshing to see other wives being their hubby's cheerleaders. I'm totally loving your posts girl! ;)