Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Instagram Wall Project!

I've been wanting to do this project ever since I saw this...

Isn't it great??
So pretty and fun and I love the idea of changing out the photos regularly!

So, I got some card stock paper and printed out my instagram photos.
The easiest way to do this is to upload them onto your computer from your phone,
and print multiple photos per page. I could fit 6 of them.

It was a huge help to cut them out using my rotary cutter and mat with a ruler,
but you can definitely use scissors.

You can also of course have them printed out using Postal Pix which is 
an app that mails you prints of your instagram photos.
You could also use photo paper in your printer as well.

I was going for the cheapest option!! HA!
And I love the way it turned out...

I used painters tape to mask off the straight lines between each photo
so that they would be equally spaced.
I also taped them with the painters tape in each corner!

Instant and Free wall art! My favorite kind!!

One project down...a hundred to go...

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