Thursday, October 25, 2012

What we've been up to...

I thought maybe I'd do a little post about 
what we've been up to lately!

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So, I'm a regular at our local Goodwill...I've found some great deals!
This mod desk for $5 might be my best find yet though.
However, it is sitting in the garage waiting to be painted 
(story of my life!) HA! 
I'm thinking hot pink and keeping the leg tips gold and maybe
painting more gold tip on the desk/sewing table!

The boys room is getting some work...this was after I 
painted their room. The navy wall is awaiting another coat.
See? I always have projects waiting...
They have since gotten new bedding too!
I'll have to do another post when it's all done!

I got some fun flea market time with a friend recently and 
scored this lovely little desk!
It's the perfect side table and stores books/mags/legos....ha!
It is turquoise although you can't tell from the picture.

I've had the honor of listening to my hubby preach twice 
in "big church" lately!
It's been the biggest joy to see him do something he's so
passionate about and great at! 
I'm one happy wifey!

Gavin took a little class field trip to the zoo!
I was a chaperone...I'm rarely able to help with things like this
since I have another little one who is a handful,
but this was a special day!!
They got a little pumpkin afterwards from the zoo pumpkin patch!

Midwest autumns are the best! 
This is outside my porch window....sigh...

I won this book in a giveaway! I'm a huge Christine Caine fan.
She is the founder of The A21 Campaign who fights
against human trafficking. 
I've been so excited to get it in the mail and it finally came!!
Can't wait to dig in!

Little Bear started speech and developmental therapy this past week...
he's doing really great.
And afterwards we get some time just the two of us before Gavin
gets out of kindergarten. It's so good!

This one gets special time while Sawyer naps in the afternoons!
Just the two of us and sometimes the Star Wars gang.
It's so sweet!

Well, hope you're having an amazing week!
We're bracing for a little cold front coming through tonight!
I'm wishing we had raked the leaves while it was warm...

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