Monday, October 1, 2012

The World's Best Lasagna...seriously!

So, I have to make a confession...
Around the Otts' house lately, there have not been a lot of elaborate home cooked meals.
This is mostly due to a tight budget and crazy schedule...however, sometimes you just need to roll your sleeves up and do the right thing.

And that is make lasagna...

Ya heard me. It's a tedious process, but's so very worth it.

So, I'm going to share with you today the recipe for the "World's Best Lasagna."
I found this recipe on All Recipes. And it is literally called "World's Best Lasagna" joke.

And it really is.

Here's the link to the original recipe. HERE.

I wish I could go all PW on you with pictures for each step, but really the recipe is great and you can totally do this. Do not be intimidated.

There are a lot of ingredients...but they are all so necessary. And don't, I repeat don't leave out the sausage...I'm not kidding. The sausage is what makes it.

The awesome thing is that the recipe makes a ton of sauce and I never use it all in the actual lasagna, so the bonus is that you have amazing slow cooked sauce leftover! Freeze it or use it over ravioli for another dinner (like I did...I like carbs in case you didn't know!).

It's heavenly!! Fresh mozzarella people...not that pre-shredded part skim junk. The real deal.

So, there ya go.
You now have a recipe for dinner this week! Invite friends over and enjoy...


make it for yourself and eat it for lunch every day following. Ahem. I mean, not that I did that or anything.

Happy Monday, ya'll!

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