Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And so the journey begins....

We have three children, all boys, all born to my womb.
But, we know our family is not complete.

And ever since we became a family, we knew that adopting was something we wanted to do.

But, it always happens in God's timing, right? And how thankful I am for that! 

He has faithfully written our story and I wouldn't wish it to be even one letter different.

So, we feel like God has led us to start the journey...and it's going to be just that. A journey of faith, a journey of patience, a journey to Africa.

We're so excited to begin, we're nervous about the process, we're preparing for the joys and challenges that await us both in the process and in the new "normal" of our life after.

But, mostly, we're peaceful. He's faithful. He's more passionate about adoption then any advocate the world has ever possessed. It was all His idea in the first place. I'm thankful to tap into this part of God's heart...to delve into His love for me and my adoption. To extend that same love and gospel message to a child awaiting a forever family. It's humbling. It's an honor.

"Lord, may we carry your burdens well. May we do the journey well."

***For anyone in the Chicago area...we're having a little Christmas shop on December 8th to raise money for our adoption!! We're selling handmade and vintage items. Things for the house, baked goods, teacher gifts, Christmas items! It will be a lot of fun! We'd love to have you or have you spread the word!


  1. WHAAAAAT!!! Oh friend, I am over the moon THRILLED for you... a girl after my own heart. :) Can't wait to pray you through this journey!!

  2. This is so awesome, I have watched a few friends go through the process and its an amazing testimony of Gods love, and character. The father to the fatherless.

  3. Love reading about others God has called on this journey. Blessings to you!
    I'm also a mom of 3, heading to Africa to bring home the child God has for us.