Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When they just need a little help

This is my youngest...

He is awesome!
Adventurous, feisty, funny, smart, and unbelievably cute! (I mean, seriously...look at that face!)

He's also been struggling.

We have three boys and each of our boys have been a little slower to talk. They have been very active physically and speech has just taken a bit to catch up. So, I thought that Sawyer was the same...just needed a little extra time.

But, when I noticed he wasn't catching up at two and a half...we decided that we should look into getting some help.

I've never had to ask for professional help concerning my kids before...this is new territory for me and I was surprised at how vulnerable it made ME feel! I feel a little helpless...like my child is struggling and there is nothing I can personally do to make it better.

I'm asking God, "What is it that makes my heart hurt in this process? Why do I feel this way?".

I immediately felt like the Lord said, "It's because you think you can meet all of Sawyer's needs."

Wow. Do I? Do I think that it's all on me to meet every need he has?

Yes. I think I feel like if I don't take care of every need he has myself...that it somehow means I'm not a good mom...that I'm not doing my "job" well.

I read Philippians 4:19 today.

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus."

Paul didn't say that he would meet their needs...he declared that God would do it all! Paul had experienced so much and just a few verses earlier he talks about how he has known need and he has known plenty. That he has learned a secret to being content and that secret is that he can do all things through Christ's strength and that GOD WILL MEET HIS NEEDS.


I need new revelation of this today in my spirit with Sawyer.

New revelation that God alone is his "need meeter." That He alone can care for all his needs present and future. God alone is strong enough and rich enough to take it all on.

So, I'm trusting God today with my little one's needs. I'm trusting him with my child's struggle. I'm asking for help from God and from those around me who are equipped to help. I'm willing to partner with my child in his process and see him grow and thrive.

The Lord is going to do something mighty and I'm excited to see Him move!


  1. Cohen is in speech therapy as well. I can totally relate to some of these feelings! Kansas has a great speech program that is paid for by the state, and the therapist comes to our house! It is amazing and he's making real progress.

    Good luck, little Sawyer! Prayers for you and your Mommy!!

  2. Oh, this post touched my heart. Tait had to start speech therapy when he was 18 months old b/c he was making zero noises. We had a speech therapist in WA who came to our house too. It is such a vulnerable thing! I remember hating having to explain or give excuses for his lack of speech. It was such a growing season for me! Praying for you & Sawyer in this!

  3. Great testimony of learning to trust God in those super vulnerable places. Thanks for sharing! Your son is gonna grow by leaps and bounds in Jesus' name!

  4. Beautiful post! Nothing any wiser than surrendering to All Wise. I love you -- and Sawyer!!! Praying expectantly for the message God will speak through his life and mouth in days ahead.

  5. Isn't it amazing the "little" things that God uses to teach us the lessons we need to learn?!? Our 4yo. Addison started speech therapy at the beginning of this school year (similar story as yours...child number 2 was slow to speak, we assumed that was the situation with child number 3--NOT so)...we've been amazed at the progress she's made already. I think you're going to find the same thing true. Our God is GREAT!