Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time for "Bread and Wine"!!!!

This book releases today...

Bread and Wine

I have been a fan of Shauna Niequist ever since I read Bittersweet.
I'm a fan of writers that are real, honest, and open.

Writers that when I finish their book I feel like we could have dinner together,
grab a glass of wine and talk like friends.
You know that feeling? Or am I the only one? HA!

If I finish a book and don't feel like I know the person who wrote it...
TOSS...I'm a lover of stories, real stories, people's raw and real stories.
And Shauna does this so well! I think she might be one of the best today.

So, needless to say...I loved this book.

It's about sharing life with others, letting people into the heart of your home,
opening the doors of you soul and bearing it all.

Bread and Wine is stories and recipes.
But, more then that it's about finding community around the table.

Nourishing your spirit and your body.
I love this! Because Jesus throughout scriptures married the two.
Sitting at a table he told stories, sitting on a hillside he broke bread
and made a miracle, sitting in an upper room he gave
the first communion.

I very deeply feel that the two are connected.
That gathering people to your table will allow them to feel safe,
allow them to be themselves.
And magic moments can happen there.

I'm challenged after reading this book to open my table.
To my neighbor, to my church friends, to my leaders,
even to my own children.

To make our time eating together as meaningful and connected 
as possible.

Practically, I just bought this...


It's a box of daily scriptures...promises from the Word of God.
We're going to read one at dinner, talk about it
(which will be about two minutes for my squirmy boys!)
and we'll pray.
We'll ask about the highlight and lowlight of the day.
And we'll be done.

Right now, that's all my little ones can handle. HA!
But, the habit will be there.
We share, we pray, we feed on the Word.
And my prayer is that when they are 15 the table will be a place
they linger at, that feels like home to them.
A place where hearts are shared and uncovered.
A place to find nourishment.

So, there ya go!
Read the book.
Gather people around your table.

And try the recipes!!!
They are so good! I made the dark chocolate toffee...
and it was amazing!!!

A little sea salt on top...mmmmmm.
I wish I has some now!!

So thankful to get to preview this book and share my thoughts on it!
It is released today!! Go get it!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love her books and can completely relate! I feel like she and I could be great friends too!

  2. I will have to get this book! w three boys I am ALWAYS in the kitchen! I love hosting and cooking but feel so rushed all the time so i'm trying to create a "zen" like place for my family and fiends and my wine buddies :) The daily bread container took me way back, when I was a little girl our church handed these out to everyone once a year!

  3. I am LOVING this book! So great and we should cook together someday.