Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hope Spoken Link Up

Well, hello there! My name is Christie Otts and I'm so excited for Hope Spoken! I can't wait to meet some lovely ladies and experience all that The Lord has for us!

Ok, how about a little "get to know ya"?

Let's see...

I'm a mama to three boys. We are currently adopting two girls from West Africa. I'm married to a preacher man. I'm passionate about justice and being an advocate for the voiceless.

I'm a born and raised Texas girl who moved up to the Chicago area about two years ago! 

You can take the gurl outta Texas....


I'm a lover of all things thrifted and vintage. I love creating a bright, colorful home for my family! I love to bake...when I find the time. One of my favorite times each day is when I start dinner, the kids are playing outside, music is playing and I've got a glass of wine nearby. Perfection! Ha!

I'm so excited for Hope Spoken! Really I'm only nervous about the social part. Even though I love meeting new people, it can sometimes feel overwhelming meeting so many people at one time! Ha!!

I'm mostly excited! And I really am just looking forward to some focused time away to be with Jesus and to be encouraged. As a mom, these times are so few and far between, so when I get these times I really want to cherish them.

I'm hoping to leave fueled for the season ahead and envisioned for being the best mom, wife, servant, and friend that I can be through His grace.

Cannot wait to meet you! I'd love to chat before-hand!! Feel free to comment below and please follow me on IG @storehousecrafts!!! I'd love to get to know you!


  1. You sound lovely!! I can't wait to meet you!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you 💕 it's gonna be a blessed weekend ! ;)