Friday, February 10, 2012

Our week via Instagram...

I apologize for being a lame blogger these past few weeks!
HA! I'm noticing that I'm doing Instagram Friday and that's about it!

Well, there's been a lot going on at the Otts' home and I can't wait 
to share more, but in the mean time...

Enjoy some pics of our life!

Oh, and are you on Instagram???
Have you heard of the February Photo-a-day challenge?
You should give it a try! It's so fun!

Here we go...

The hubs and I will sit in bed and play on Pinterest together...
is this weird? Please don't tell me we're the only ones?! HA!

Fussy Bear needed some private bath time this past week...

Did I mention that I won the best Giveaway ever on my birthday??
No? Well, I did!!! So awesome!

Gavin and I made my birthday cookies together!

I tried a Pinterest was okay...
sometimes it's hit or miss, right?!

A little bakery time with the was like heaven...Mmmm!
Tiramisu...I LOVE YOU!

I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday...
thus, all these amazing books!
Come to mama! YES!

Hope you had a great week! We have a great weekend ahead
and we are getting some snow at last, which means one thing...

Happy Friday!


  1. No!!! No snow!! We are in for it here in Pittsburgh. No thank you!

    I have a list on Amazon about a mile long!! I love your new stash!


  2. Heheh I love that you sit in bed looking at Pinterest! I totally do that too - definitely not weird! :)