Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Sweet Bear...

Sawyer Bear Otts
(That's right, his middle name is Bear!)

This boy is such a JOY to our family...he is awesome!
He is active, fun, funny, curious, smart, cuddly, sensitive...
I could go on forever!

Today is his BIRTHDAY! YAY!
Our baby is turning 2 today...
and I'm a little confused as to where the time went.

Just yesterday he was doing this...

Making his little "old man" face!

And he was making this little smirk face...

And crawling so fast I couldn't keep up for a picture! HA!

And learning how to walk!

Stealing everyone's hearts everywhere we go...
especially with this puppy hat he wore!! HA!

Of course, it's hard to forget that this time last year...
we were in the hospital praying that our joyful baby would return to us!
He had a seizure a week before his birthday last year while we were 
driving in the car. We rushed him to the hospital where he spent
the next three days hooked up to machines and having tons of 
tests run. It is the most frightened I've ever been as a parent!
I still wrestle with fear over him...
But, God comforted us and has healed our hearts a lot since then.
He was so unlike himself and so sad in the hospital...

I worried that he was somehow altered and wouldn't be the
same joyful boy...but then I got this picture from Chris
while I was at home with our other two boys to get some sleep.

He was back!! Swollen, but back! HA!

I cried for the hundredth time and thanked God!

I could post pictures of him all day..

Sawyer Bear,
We love you more then words can say!
You bring so much joy and laughter to our family.
You are a strong, giggly, adventurer and 
today we celebrate YOU
and the amazing GIFT YOU ARE
to us!

Thank You, Jesus, for our Sweet Bear!

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