Friday, January 27, 2012

Long time no see...Insta-friday!

So, I haven't done an Insta-friday in a while...
the good thing is that I have tons
of Instagram pictures since I have taken up the
Photo-a-day challenge put on by Nest of Posies.

It's been a great way to really chronicle our month in creative ways!

Hoping to jump into the February challenge as well!
Wanna join me? Find out more here.
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So, here we go...

Snow...and lots of it last Friday! It's slowly melting away
which I'm happy about! : )

Last was cold...real cold! 

I came up to bed one night and found this little one in my bed!
He was OUT! I had to schlep him to cute though!

We had a little party for Chris' birthday and a friend of ours at the
beginning of the month! These are the loveliest ladies ever!
So thankful for them!

I posted here on making this little Instagram wall!
I'm loving it! It's awesome!

My newly decorated shelf....I'm starting an "O" collection.

Hubs gave me a little reading/podcast time...
I'm loving my "7" book by Jen Hatmaker! There will
be more to come on that I'm sure! And of course I got caught 
up on Bethel podcasts!

We love the library! Especially now that my boys have found the 
educational computer games. They play while I read...
it's perfection!

The boys got hair cuts recently...they soooooo needed them!

Hard to tell, but Gavin totally has a "rat tail mullet" thing
in the back...totally Chris' idea!

My sweet and short-haired Sawyer Bear!

My friend gave me The Owl for my birthday! So fun!
I love statues painted hot pink...makes me happy!

My dining room table most days of the week...
it's amazing how my boys can take over a room
so quickly!

Got out some of my Valentine's decor!
I love an excuse to use pink in a house full of boys!
I'm hoping to do a little paper heart banner this week too!

So, that's about it!
Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. love all the instagoodness going on here!

    it seems like everyone is reporting snow! I live in South GA, it feels like spring time here. :/

    your boys are adorable!!

    and I'm really digging your valentine wreaths!!

    I'm actually having a Valentine Crafty Prize Pack Giveaway, you should come check it out! :o)

  2. hi there! stopping by from instafriday. first LOVE the hot pink owl. LOVE. also, great wreaths on the door, love that there are 2! :)

  3. The Instagram wall rocks!
    And I {heart} your Valentine's cute :)

  4. Wow - fabulous pictures. I love the instagram wall, that pink owl, the wreath on the door - looks like you have fab taste!!

  5. Wow I LOVE your Instagram wall! What a cool idea!

  6. congrats on winning emily's jan giveaway! lucky gal! :) I'm loving the book 7 too!