Friday, August 19, 2011

Wheaton, IL...

We're here! We finally made the BIG move to Wheaton, IL!
It's only been a week...but we're really starting to settle into life here.


It has been and continues to be a place of trusting God as we follow what He has called us too, but He has of course shown Himself abundantly faithful. His love is UNFAILING!

One of the abundant ways He has provided is with a home for us! We found a house to rent in the north part of Wheaton...nestled within tree lined streets and in a neighborhood full of beautiful century old homes. We have already met some of our sweet neighbors and we're literally across the street from a great little park and the bike/running trail. We could not have asked for more! 

Micah will be starting Kindergarten at Longfellow in less than a week...he is so excited and has already met a friend who will be in his class and his teacher at orientation today! Also, the school is where church meets on Sunday morning...which is amazing!

Gavin will be doing a preschool program at First Baptist in a couple of weeks and is excited to make new friends. Sawyer Bear will be getting some mommy only time in the mornings 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

Chris continues to hunt for a job, we're really feeling full of faith that God has already prepared something great for him and that all our needs will be met in the meantime. 
God is surrounding us with amazing community who have fed us and checked in on us...

Oh, and who moved us into our new home in an hour and a half...that's right!! Almost 20 people showed up to move us in! We were blown away! This is why we moved here! HA!

Which brings me to...some pics of the new abode...

I'm already picturing a little garden in these front beds and maybe some pretty flower boxes under the windows!! We'll be getting busy come spring time!

The three seasons porch on this house is our FAVORITE thing about it! The boys love to play out here and Chris loves to sit in the swing in the evenings! It's awesome!

You first walk into the living room/dining room. It's a work in progress, but it's cozy and full of light!

So glad to have our big table back! Can't wait to have big dinners here with friends!

Love the big windows and there is soooooo much storage! I'm in heaven! Now I just need all the great cabinet/drawer organizers to keep it tidy! HA!

Little play room that will be great extra guest sleeping space and perfect for play dates!

The guest room will also double as my craft space...I need to find a little desk or work table so I can get to work!!

The landing at the top of the stairs will not always look like this (hopefully)!! We'd love to have a little desk space here to computer work and eventually homework!

It's the smaller of the two rooms upstairs, but really we're just thankful to have our bed back from storage! We spent almost 8 months with just a mattress on the floor...ha!

The boys' room is awesome! Plenty of room to play and an HUGE walk in closet!

Sawyer has his own little space tucked into the corner of the boys''s quiet and dark and he's actually slept in a couple of mornings this week, which is a miracle!

So, that's about it! There is also a tiny porch on the back of the house and a really small yard with a two car garage. We'd love to put up a little picket fence to enclose the yard a bit, especially with Charlie. 

And there's a huge unfinished basement which has been amazing for storage. Texans, you need a basement! It's like the best place to store extra stuff!!

That's the Otts' house! I'll post more as things get more put together! Thanks for all your prayers and support as we've made this adventure to's been amazing and we've felt so loved along the way!


  1. I am so impressed with how quickly you got things unpacked and decorated! Such a cute house and I love your style, I wish we would have had more time together in Waco!
    Enjoy your new home!!

  2. Beautiful, Christie. I think light streaming into every room is prophetic!! I love you and pray God fulfills your (and Chris') every longing. May your faith continue to bloom in this place and may the Ott's roots go deeper into Jesus than ever before!!

  3. Christie your blog is super cute...i have that bird shower curtain in my living room :) Shelbs helped me make curtains with green felt balls at the bottom. Glad your loving Wheaton! We should get together for coffee sometime at LaSpiaza :)

    Ashley ("Mrs Huggz)

  4. Thanks, Ashley! Yes, we definitely need to hang out soon! We'll make a date!

  5. So i feel silly because i said this EXACT thing to you memory is no bueno :( sorry haha