Friday, August 5, 2011

It's about time...

We've been on quite the journey these past 16 months...
It's been challenging, it's been amazing, it's been LONG! HA!
But, finally we're moving forward into the next season we feel like the Lord has called us to.

In 6 days we will load up our moving truck and head for Wheaton, IL.
(and yes...we realize the winters are long and cold up there!)

I have spent the last few weeks really thinking about what a huge transition this will be for our family and how much I really will miss our home here in Waco, TX. We've grown up here in this town. 
We came here as teenagers and now we're leaving as a family of 5!

We are so thankful for Antioch Waco. This community here is responsible for leading us to real encounters with the Holy Spirit and for showing us what intimate relationship with Jesus really looks like. Thankfully, we are not leaving this Antioch movement...instead we're just moving to 
Antioch Wheaton! 
These people, this's ours for life!

Thank you to every person who invested in us, discipled us, disciplined us, encouraged us, and taught us along the way. We leave Waco full of thankfulness and better equipped for the journey ahead.

This will forever be our rebirth place...where we truly encountered Jesus and His Church!

So long WACO...WHEATON, here we come!!


  1. So excited for what lays before you and thankful to get in on this journey with you! Sad to see you go, but cannot wait for the stories to be told! Love you friend!!!