Friday, December 9, 2011

Our life via Instagram...

It's been a crazy week...well...actually
it's been a crazy two weeks.

I cleaned up my sewing room and Mama is taking a break...
except maybe to make something for a friend,
or if an order comes in,
or...okay...well I'll try to at least!

Here's a snippet of our week...

Thanks to grandma, the boys are loving them some
Buddy the Elf!!

With all my hard work for the Christmas Boutique...
I decided to "treat yo' self" to a grande from Starbucks!
Sometimes it's the simple things!

Buddy had himself some Wii time while we
were sleeping...

This mug reminds me of being a kid...I think my grandma 
had ones just like these.

Noticed that the egg carton had a Bible verse!
Now that's the best way to start the day!

Lots of necklaces were made in the last two days...
these got some petals and went with me to the city
for a little table at Growth Spurt...such a lovely place!

Craft night lovelies...we made tiny little yarn wreath
ornaments...great night with the ladies!!

Hope you had a great week! We got a little bit of snow today and my boys were so excited! We can't wait for the real snow to come so the boys can get their sled on!!!

White Christmas, please?????!!!


  1. Hi there...stopping by from Insta-Friday.

    We had a santa mug like that growing up too. I think my mom still has them. Ha!


  2. Hello! Found you through Life Rearranged. We do a craft night too! Wondering if they are similar. And I love those tiny yarn wreaths! I just did some yarn-wrapped stars and letters. Where did you find the little wreaths?

  3. hey there, girlie. ditto the more snow wish.....solely for the sledding-loving kids. {probably the only time i WISH for more snow!} the little yarn wreaths are so cute. i've been making some at night this past week but on tiny grapevine wreaths so they're a bit lumpy and bumpy, but, oh well. i didn't feel like going to the thrift store to find curtain rings. {not wanting to thrift? another rarity for me!} hope you can relax this week. xoxo

  4. Love the tiny wreath ornaments! I have been wanting to make a yarn wreath but the larger size seems like it would take too long, these would be perfect! Btw, I am pinning this post for the wreaths :)