Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Everywhere I look, there are tutorials for cute little homemade 
snow globes...

Like here...

Martha Stewart

And here...

Julie Ann Art

And my favorite ones...

All for the Boys

So, I became obsessed with doing this project with the boys,
especially with the Legos!! : )

So, I scoured the entire Wheaton area for materials...

I LOVE Pinterest, but sometimes when everyone has the same
stinking Christmas craft idea...that means Mama here has to 
travel all over creation to find tiny little trees.

But, I digress.

Here's our finished project!

They were a HUGE hit!!

Yes, he has a's how we roll here in a house
full of boys.

Jars shaken a thousand times by hyper boys=leaking jars.
I found that my Ball canning jars worked the best. FYI

I highly suggest clicking on this link
and giving it a try this week.

That is...if you can find the materials...ha!


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  1. wow! shauna and i are making these with our kids next week during the break! we've been collecting trees, animals, and little figures. we FINALLY found glycerin yesterday. thanks for the tip about boys and shaking the jars. i'm worried about the leaking too. do any of the tutorials say you can put glue in the lid threads to seal it better? i have the martha stewart holiday craft mag from last year that i'm going off of, and it doesnt say anything.